“EW! What’s wrong with your toe?” No matter how many nice things people have said to me throughout my life, this comment is one that I will never forget. The thing is, someone said this to me probably 7 years ago and I remember it clearly, like it was yesterday, and every time I remember it, I am still hurt. I know it shouldn’t still bother me, but it does. I know I should just let it go, but I can’t. I can’t because my little pinky toe is my biggest insecurity. It hurts me when people call it weird or disgusting because I didn’t order my toe to look like that. I didn’t say, “Hey God, would you please pick out the most visually unappealing toe possible and stick it on my foot?” No, it just happened and there is only one thing I can do about it, accept it; realize that if this is the most unattractive part about me, then I’m doing pretty well. I can be thankful that I even HAVE toes; that I was born with feet to walk and run. It seems silly of me to talk about a toe like this, but my entire life has consisted of me trying to hide my feet. I never wore sandals and if I did, it was only around those who didn’t care what my toe looked like. But, my senior year of high school something changed. I bought some cute sandals (the ones in the picture) and wore them to school. I was sure every one was staring at my toe with disgust, but no one said a word. Every time I saw someone look down, I was sure it was at my toe, but it wasn’t. I began to realize that my harshest critic was me. It was then that I began to release the insecurities I felt and learned to accept the way I am. If someone ever says something to me about my toe, I’ll simply say, “That’s just how God made me.” And I’m okay with that.



  1. beautifulconclusion · August 16, 2013

    Your toes are beautiful! Besides who wants to look like everyone else? I think that’s boring. Your perfect!

  2. meganjoymeyers · September 29, 2013

    Sorry for replying 7 years later… Thanks so much 🙂 You’re so sweet!

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