A World Full of Distrac – SQUIRREL

We live in a world full of distractions.  Phones, television, computers, internet, social media… everything is constantly grabbing for us. If you pause and get off the phone, you’ll discover a world full of zombies. People who are walking around brainlessly staring at a lighted screen full of false realities.   Cell phones have become a big problem for people in the world today. I don’t know what it is that makes phones so addicting; I don’t understand why people have the urge to share their life via every social media outlet.  I too have that issue.  I envy those who don’t. My generation has grown up in a world comprised of social media; we’ve grown up with a life where everything is at the tip of our fingers.  But I refuse to be taken captive by this temptation. I will not become a zombie. I encourage you to try something and I will too. This week, limit your use of cell phones and social media. Look around and enjoy the little things in life. Encourage others to do the same.  Spend a meal talking with each other rather than scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. The change in our society can happen and it starts with you.  Maybe, eventually, when you look up, everyone else will be looking too. 


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