The MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

Matthew West is one of my favorite singers. He mostly sings Christian contemporary, and I love the lyrics of his songs.  I love music, but honestly, if the lyrics mean diddly squat, I don’t like listening to it, hence why I love Matthew West so much.  What does the title of this post have to do with Matthew West you ask? Well, he wrote two songs about Christmas and they are SO different, yet I love them both for two different reasons.  The first, “Come on, Christmas,” is a fun upbeat song with words that don’t necessarily hold much meaning.

“Steal a kiss under the mistletoe
While old Bing sings, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow”
The only thing that’s left on my Christmas list is
I’m hopin’ to catch a peek of old’ St. Nick

Come on, Christmas
I don’t know why you’re taking so long, Christmas
Well, I’ve been waiting all year for you to get here
And I can’t take another second, can’t you hear me beggin’
Hurry up, Santa Claus
Here’s my number just in case your reindeer get lost
I sure wouldn’t mind, if you’re early this time
So, come on, come on, come on, Christmas”

“Come on, Christmas,” is a super fun upbeat song for the Christmas season that I would totally recommend playing in the background of your annual ugly sweater parties!  

On the other hand, Matthew West wrote the song, “The Heart of Christmas,” which gives me chills every time I hear it. Basically, through this song, he is wanting to express where the true heart of Christmas lies that people often forget.

“The world’s in a hurry this December
City streets and shopping malls
I wish we could slow down and remember
The meaning of it all…

…Let’s make it feel the way it used to
Let’s find that wonder of a child
You can see the magic all around you
Come on, and open up your eyes…

…Wherever you are, no matter how far
Come back to the heart, the heart of Christmas
Live while you can, cherish the moment
The ones that you love, make sure they know it
Don’t miss it, the heart of Christmas

In the shadow of a steeple
In a star that lights the way
You will find Him in a manger
The heart of Christmas has a name”

That bolded paragraph always hits me like a rock. When I googled “The heart of Christmas,” I went through fifteen lines of pictures until I reached one of baby Jesus in the manger.  It made me sad. The world has become so caught up in ME, ME, ME, it’s forgotten that the season is all about Him. The season is about celebrating the life of Jesus and the hope of salvation that came through his birth.  It’s about giving, it’s about reaching out a helping hand to those in need.  I totally love the idea of presents, but I love the giving part of it rather than the receiving. Some people these days rip open a present, glance at it, throw it aside, and then repeat that process. It is rare to find people who actually love giving MORE than receiving.  I challenge you to really examine your heart and see what Christmas means to you personally. Are you begging Santa and his reindeer to hurry up so you can receive all your presents? Or are you cherishing each moment as you celebrate the true heart of Christmas.

Don’t miss it. The heart of Christmas has a name.


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